Rescued in Albania

Albania is the only country in Europe to emerge from World War II with a larger Jewish population than before but not too many people are aware of this fact.

According to the Albanian census of 1930, there were only 204 Jews registered at that time in Albania. But when the war was over, nearly 2ooo Jews were living there. How could this happen?

When the Nazi Germany was sending thousands of Jews to the concentration camps, the Albanian embassy in Berlin was still giving visas to this community. This country was proving to be a safe heaven for them due to the help they got from the local population, offering shelter and security. On the other hand, the authorities refused to give the lists of Jews to the German forces.

Even Albert Einstein benefited from Albanian help. In 1935 he was granted an Albanian passport, which he used to travel to America.

In 2006, a plaque honoring the compassion and courage of Albania during the Holocaust was dedicated in Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, New York.


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